Yay it’s Christmas Time

Posted by admin on Dec 3, 2009 in Random

cbxmasAh Christmas Time…no greater joy strikes the Earth than when it’s Christmas time. Now comes a time for all the hard choices in life…Do I pay the rent…or do I buy a 7 Foot pine tree for the living room…Real or Fake…trees not boobs…Do I search online for jobs or presents?..Who gets a personal letter in their card? Who gets a standard default one downloaded from Microsoft templates? Who gets the random twitter update notification instead of anything tangible? So many choices to make.

Sometimes I get really bad thoughts like ’soon all the people without computers and email will be dead and I don’t have to mail another real card.’  Then I start to feel bad cause then I’d more than likely miss all the people that don’t have computers. But then again, I’d save money on paper, stamps, ink, photo paper, the $7 I spent on the box of Christmas Cards with the Santa that’s popping up off the page with his fuzzy tipped hat that I just had to get cause it made me go all ‘wow that rocks.’ I’m wondering if I should do one of those letters that my mother is famous for…except for a few things…I don’t have kids…I don’t have a job…I hate where I live…I hate being unemployed…I don’t think they want a dose of my holiday cheer…”Dear Grandma…still broke, still jobless, still no kids, but my dog did the cutest thing last month and snapped at an old lady on the way to the hospital’…

bitchslapUsually Christmas time is a great time for movies, but for once I can’t think of a movie I really wanna watch this December.  I think Avatar is probably the only one I wanna watch. Though I think I have to watch Invictus, if only for the fact that a friend worked on the editing staff (ryanbrassington.com). Not that I’m too concerned about hating it, I mean it’s basically a rugby movie…and I like sport movies for some odd reason, despite hating all sports. I mean what really is there coming out? Another Chipmunk movie? What’s more classic than the Chippettes singing ‘All the Single Ladies’…aren’t the Chipmunks supposed to be like young kids? WTF…anyway…what else is there? Somthing about The Morgans which probably doesn’t deserve a plot summary and some random other movie with the goddess Meryl and one of the zillion Baldwins? Or as I like to call it…a sorry attempt to lure middle-aged women to the theaters with sordid tales of marriages in shambles and overzealous infidelity all around…There’s Up in the Air…George Clooney playing the ‘zomg I’m getting old but I can still be a stud’ card that Sean Connery played in Entrapment. Actually…I do wanna see Sherlock Holmes…that comes out on Christmas…RDJ playing an eccentric drunk prone to violence and whorish tendencies…yeah I’m sure he really had to brush up his acting skills for that, but the gritty quality of the filming interests me.  Overall, I’m more excited to watch Bitch Slap next yea via direct to on demand lol.

Anyway, now that I’ve completely derailed from holiday cheer and made this a post about upcoming movies, I shall leave it at that. I’ve gotta start printing labels and letters and seeing if there are any pictures worth mailing etc etc. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Blog blog blog

Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2009 in Random

Well first off I’d like to apologize to all the spam bots that actually read my posts here. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve actually posted anything here and I thought I’d take the time to say hey. I’ve been a little busy bee, trying to find a job while worrying about the on-coming winter and doing a few websites like DetroitBengals.com which I did for free…yeah I know crazy me doing free work when I need money. Well I guess anything that keeps kids being productive and out of trouble, which is needed in the fair city of Detroit.

I’ve also been playing Aion…ok, I’ve been play a LOT of Aion. So much so that I’ve probably shunned too much real life to play it. I guess now that I’m getting to the higher levels and stuff, I’m starting to dwindle down on my game time and get back to focusing on other things like web stuff and photoshop and the sort. So it’s back to the drawing board for me…6 months and you know what? I still like the design for downtownrobot which is like a record for me…I’m constantly redesigning and the sort…but I like the layout…so time to focus on the content…specially since I’ve got more work I’ve done since I last updated it…ah well…back to work!

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Cogs, Dogs, and video game blogs

Posted by admin on Aug 24, 2009 in Aion, Gaming, Guild Wars, Lotro, Puppy Power, Random, TV, Websites, Work

So, I’ve been working on this website for a manufacturing website in Michigan…like they manufacture stuff like rollers, conveyor belts, etc etc.

Cogswell Cogs

Jetson's were Smart

I did not know that there were such a thing as cogs. Whenever I thought of cogs, the only thought that ever came to mind was Cogswell Cogs. The Jetson’s were awesome! So as my world unraveled with this added information I had to wonder what else in the world could there possibly be???

Then I got lazy and went off to walk the dogs and came back and read some tweets and blogs.

My dogs hate people. Really they do…I don’t know how they like me and Gabs. Seriously though. Like Mana, the mini schnauzer, hates pretty much everyone. Though he seems to have come around to my nephews, that was only after a cheese induced bonding session in which fatty was given all sorts of treats. Trogdor…chihuahua…nough said…he’s only fine if you pick him up. Pretty much if you put him in a stranger’s arms he won’t do anything but sit perfectly still, put him on the ground and he’s like a firecracker…he starts barking and biting and nipping…Those are the motley boys…they’re tiny terrors that like to protect the apartment from just about everyone and everything.

In my time of unemployment, since no one seems to want to hire me despite 4 years of college and having been working since I was 18 and having many years of experience in several different fields…I’ve been taking the time to visit a few things that I’ve been wanting to learn about and just didn’t have the times to do. I’ve been working on a few websites out of charity such as the Detroit Bengals (a non-profit children’s soccer team) and have been doing a couple sites/digital art for friends. Right now I just think that anything to keep my skills building and sharpened is good, even if I’m not getting paid.

Dont know what use this will have in the future, maybe the start of a series of pics

Don't know what use this will have in the future, maybe the start of a series of pics

I’ve been looking a little more into Digital painting. This is closer to something I’ve always wanted to do. I really want to go back to school…maybe take a class or two on digital painting…if I could learn to do concept art that would rock my socks…

And I’ve been playing games…Aion is great…I wish it were released already…I’m getting a little tired of dealing with beta weekends and the impending doom of server wipes. I want to work on the toons I’m going to be playing and keeping forever. They also made the announcement about Guild Wars 2. They finally released the trailer after 2 and a half years of waiting for some kind of information. The trailer is just plain sweet. No better words can suffice to explain how much joy this brings me.

Well…that’s pretty much all you’re gonna get out of me for now…so whoever reads this…peace easy…and catch you on the flip side.

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Build up your portfolio…aka work for free

Posted by admin on May 11, 2009 in Work

While on this constant employment search that I seem to be on, thanks to Circuit City failing at maintaining a constant customer flow, I’ve noticed a small trend while looking for work in the web design field. It’s the company that’s looking for the intern to do all sorts of ungodly work for no pay or benefits except for the chance to build up a portfolio. Here’s a little clue for all you big-names cheaper than all hell…it takes years of study to get the knowledge a web designer needs…pay your damn web designer…it doesn’t have to be $20 an hour, but there’s no reason that an educated, hard-working webbie should make less than your average fry cook at Benny’s Burger Barn. I can’t imagine any web designer/programmer with half a molecule of intilect in their freshly developed mind would be willing to create your entire database full of porceiline Star Wars memorabilia for free…

Ok that’s it bye now!

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Time Management

Posted by admin on May 4, 2009 in Aion, Random

So it’s another day, another unseen resume, another futile wish that I were somewhere else…Every weekday I have to plan out how much time I’m going to dedicate to something or other that I’m working on…3 websites, a few print arts, the dogs, the job search, cleaning, gaming…More than not the last is the strongest urge no matter how tight money is…the thrill of escaping it all…unemployment…cleaning…the pale in the comparison to the death of 200 wargs at the point of my warden’s javelin. But I have to be a grown-up…or at least pretend to be one…

I’m so close to being done with downtownrobot that I want to get it done…but there are other things that need to be done…like shit I hope to get paid for…I need money…need it bad…Unemployment’s craptastic representation of the amount of work I put in at Circuit City is barely enough to survive off of…I need to change the font on pastepastepower…that will be a quick fix at least…I need to find a decent station on pandora…that will take a bit of trial and error…at least the lotro servers are down and can’t tempt me…but that doesn’t stop Aion from tempting me…Aion with all it’s winged glory…

Well, I guess it’s off to finish what I can for the day…Maybe I’ll get most of DTR done…I’ll definately finish up PastePastePower and hopefully get working on Lathrup’s image gallery. That would definitely make Gabby happy…

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Death to TheDarkestLight.Com

Posted by admin on Apr 29, 2009 in Websites

Well…one wouldn’t call it a death so much as a rebirth…but I suppose you have to die to be reborn. Yes I am incredibly lazy and am not going to be dealing with this site right now…i’m just gonna do the blog thing…maybe I’ll even keep it up…I do seem to have a lot yet not enough time on my hands…So keep an eye out for future posts.

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