Yay it’s Christmas Time

Posted by admin on Dec 3, 2009 in Random

cbxmasAh Christmas Time…no greater joy strikes the Earth than when it’s Christmas time. Now comes a time for all the hard choices in life…Do I pay the rent…or do I buy a 7 Foot pine tree for the living room…Real or Fake…trees not boobs…Do I search online for jobs or presents?..Who gets a personal letter in their card? Who gets a standard default one downloaded from Microsoft templates? Who gets the random twitter update notification instead of anything tangible? So many choices to make.

Sometimes I get really bad thoughts like ’soon all the people without computers and email will be dead and I don’t have to mail another real card.’  Then I start to feel bad cause then I’d more than likely miss all the people that don’t have computers. But then again, I’d save money on paper, stamps, ink, photo paper, the $7 I spent on the box of Christmas Cards with the Santa that’s popping up off the page with his fuzzy tipped hat that I just had to get cause it made me go all ‘wow that rocks.’ I’m wondering if I should do one of those letters that my mother is famous for…except for a few things…I don’t have kids…I don’t have a job…I hate where I live…I hate being unemployed…I don’t think they want a dose of my holiday cheer…”Dear Grandma…still broke, still jobless, still no kids, but my dog did the cutest thing last month and snapped at an old lady on the way to the hospital’…

bitchslapUsually Christmas time is a great time for movies, but for once I can’t think of a movie I really wanna watch this December.  I think Avatar is probably the only one I wanna watch. Though I think I have to watch Invictus, if only for the fact that a friend worked on the editing staff (ryanbrassington.com). Not that I’m too concerned about hating it, I mean it’s basically a rugby movie…and I like sport movies for some odd reason, despite hating all sports. I mean what really is there coming out? Another Chipmunk movie? What’s more classic than the Chippettes singing ‘All the Single Ladies’…aren’t the Chipmunks supposed to be like young kids? WTF…anyway…what else is there? Somthing about The Morgans which probably doesn’t deserve a plot summary and some random other movie with the goddess Meryl and one of the zillion Baldwins? Or as I like to call it…a sorry attempt to lure middle-aged women to the theaters with sordid tales of marriages in shambles and overzealous infidelity all around…There’s Up in the Air…George Clooney playing the ‘zomg I’m getting old but I can still be a stud’ card that Sean Connery played in Entrapment. Actually…I do wanna see Sherlock Holmes…that comes out on Christmas…RDJ playing an eccentric drunk prone to violence and whorish tendencies…yeah I’m sure he really had to brush up his acting skills for that, but the gritty quality of the filming interests me.  Overall, I’m more excited to watch Bitch Slap next yea via direct to on demand lol.

Anyway, now that I’ve completely derailed from holiday cheer and made this a post about upcoming movies, I shall leave it at that. I’ve gotta start printing labels and letters and seeing if there are any pictures worth mailing etc etc. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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