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Posted by admin on Nov 20, 2009 in Random

Well first off I’d like to apologize to all the spam bots that actually read my posts here. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve actually posted anything here and I thought I’d take the time to say hey. I’ve been a little busy bee, trying to find a job while worrying about the on-coming winter and doing a few websites like DetroitBengals.com which I did for free…yeah I know crazy me doing free work when I need money. Well I guess anything that keeps kids being productive and out of trouble, which is needed in the fair city of Detroit.

I’ve also been playing Aion…ok, I’ve been play a LOT of Aion. So much so that I’ve probably shunned too much real life to play it. I guess now that I’m getting to the higher levels and stuff, I’m starting to dwindle down on my game time and get back to focusing on other things like web stuff and photoshop and the sort. So it’s back to the drawing board for me…6 months and you know what? I still like the design for downtownrobot which is like a record for me…I’m constantly redesigning and the sort…but I like the layout…so time to focus on the content…specially since I’ve got more work I’ve done since I last updated it…ah well…back to work!

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Build up your portfolio…aka work for free

Posted by admin on May 11, 2009 in Work

While on this constant employment search that I seem to be on, thanks to Circuit City failing at maintaining a constant customer flow, I’ve noticed a small trend while looking for work in the web design field. It’s the company that’s looking for the intern to do all sorts of ungodly work for no pay or benefits except for the chance to build up a portfolio. Here’s a little clue for all you big-names cheaper than all hell…it takes years of study to get the knowledge a web designer needs…pay your damn web designer…it doesn’t have to be $20 an hour, but there’s no reason that an educated, hard-working webbie should make less than your average fry cook at Benny’s Burger Barn. I can’t imagine any web designer/programmer with half a molecule of intilect in their freshly developed mind would be willing to create your entire database full of porceiline Star Wars memorabilia for free…

Ok that’s it bye now!

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